Shine On!

Shine On!
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Who doesn’t like a little bling in their house, an added sparkle that gives you respite from a dull day? The best way to add bling is to be subtle about it which adds elements of class and upscale chic to your décor. While metallic is a raging trend this year whether it’s nail paints or metal boots, you can introduce this runway magic to your home and give your space an extra glam! Given that, the festive season is around the corner, how about your interiors seeing anenchantingre-jig? For the time when you need some bling to enliven and lighten your interior scheme, we suggest you adorn your house with some glitterati with premium laminates.

How, you ask? Read on to add that added distinction to your home.


Metal and marble go well!

Metals work with marble like magic. Metallic handles, doorknobs and legs for tables are the perfect way to add some extra glam to your space. To top it up, a blend of gold, brass, black and marble gives a very sophisticated feel to your house. Laminateswith a marble finish paired with metallic elements will make your home look nothing less than out of a fairy tale. An excellent choice to add some contrast in an otherwise lighter room, marble and metals will make your home look alive.



 It’s Metallica

Dark colours highlight the beauty of metallics. Be it dark wood floors and dark veneer furniture or dark colours on the wall, metal interiors add grace and panache to your room. Apart from brass, dull gold has also become a key colour. It has its own elegance and complements the dark colours too! Hints of premium gold laminates with dark wood floors is an excellent way to be subtle and bold at the same time. You can paira mirror with antique gold finishes with a bold colour chair, like electric blue or emerald green which will add a classic pop of colour to the entire vision.



Understated elegance

This festive season try exclusive-blends of impeccable quality with a touch of elegance. The key is to go for a subtle look that can last, and simply accentuate it with the right colours. Choose combinations like dark browns with glowing copper, and millennial pink with muted silver while keeping the interiors fuss-free.Millennial pink is not actually one colour but rather it’s a range of pink shades from beige with a dusting of blush to a salmon-peach hybrid. Millennial pink accentuates brass and gold tones perfectly and adds a sense of passion and zeal to the entire picture. Accentuate the whole décor with throws, cushions and other accessories and tassels. Be a little experimental with your home this year and let the bling and chime take you to a world of flair and luxury.



Authored by Parul Mittal, Director, Greenlam Industries Ltd

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