Shower or Bathtubs – Finding the perfect match for your bathroom

Shower or Bathtubs – Finding the perfect match for your bathroom
12/06/2018 , by , in EXPERT ZONE

Today bathrooms have new a identity of wellness, relaxation and rejuvenation and are moving beyond functionality. Anyone who has ever set out to do a bathroom design has always come across the dilemma: shower or a bathtub. While bathtubs offer a luxurious soaking experience, and showers represent the ultimate in speed and convenience, the decision between these two comes down to much more than one’s personal preference. Great rivals due to shape, one is more practical and executive, while the other is unhurried and goes into a lot of detail. They are different but, let’s face it, extremely complementary.

Shower is your great ally with mornings when you jump out of bed full of vitality. It is a custom-made space for those who commit to agility and functionality. Set-up in small spaces, showers offer ease of movement creating a bathing solution in just a few meters. Factors such as safety or spaciousness become therefore essential and affect our decisions when designing the type of solution we wish to install. Homes with shower as the main instrument of hygiene beat bathtub when it comes to energy efficient and water conservation due to low water expenditure resulting in a mindful bathing experience.

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