Shyam Steel Launches New TVC Campaign, “Maksad Toh India Ko Banana Hai”

Shyam Steel Launches New TVC Campaign, “Maksad Toh India Ko Banana Hai”
Apr 2021 , by , in Realty Spotlight

Shyam Steel India one of leading producers and manufacturers of TMT Bars launched their new TVC campaign “Maksad Toh India Ko Banana Hai”. The campaign aims to send across the brand message that steel is just an offering, but the idea is to build the nation. The TVC campaign stars Sonu Sood in the lead and has been created by Mogae Media. The campaign was launched through a virtual platform in the august presence of  Sonu Sood, Brand ambassador of Shyam Steel India, Lalit Beriwala, Director, Shyam Steel India, Megha Beriwala, Vice President, Marketing, Shyam Steel India and Harish Arora, Creative Director, Mogae Media.

 Through this TVC launch, Shyam Steel India, represents strength, flexibility, and faith of the masses with the thought process that steel is just an offering, but the ultimate idea is to build the nation. Roping in Sonu Sood, who is known for his considerate personality, enhances the brand message across the target audience. The bond Sonu Sood has created with the millions of people resonates as strong as steel, unbreakable. The TVC campaign reflects on this thought process with the ultimate aim of the brand reflecting in not just selling steel but build relations and build the nation.

The TVC Campaign showcases Sonu Sood cherishing his relationships built with people during the lockdown tenure. All the love he received from people he helped, makes him emotional and more connected. When relationships are build with strong foundation, like steel, they sustain for a long-long time. Similarly, when houses are build with Shyam Steel flexi-strong TMT rebars, such houses are more sustainable. Through this TVC Shyam Steel India drives across the message that they just don’t sell steel but assist in building the nation on a long-term basis.

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