Significance of good property management post delivery

Significance of good property management post delivery
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Authored by Prateek Mittal, Executive Director, Sushma Group

Home has always been an asset for a buyer. Concrete is what makes just a House, but everything else inside transforms it into a Home. Being it a place that brings in a sense of belonging, nothing is closer to the hearts of buyers than their own house. A buyer works so hard throughout his life and invests the saving of lifetime to own that dream house someday. And, it is the sole responsibility of the developers to make it worth it.

The developer has to ensure the sense of connect with their house sustains for a lifetime among the buyers. It’s not just about offering quality homes, but post-completion services to customers is what touches their lives for years to come. Work done with precision improves the quality of life in the communities a developer builds and operates.

A developer must deliver by bringing an ownership mindset to every aspect of operations ensuring that the property is being managed efficiently, safely and sustainably. After quality construction, timely delivery, approval and NOCs, the responsibility that follows further for a developer is the property management post delivery. It not just enhances future prospects of the property but also increases its value.

There are a number of measures to be taken by a developer to ensure a hassle-free stay for the occupants /customers. The working condition of lifts, upkeep of common areas, recreational points, etc are some of the basic aspects that concern the residents and they want unhindered services for.

Appointing an in house team at the delivered projects helps in inspection and also in checking if the rules are adhered to both by property owners. Day-to-Day tracker and record evaluation by a separate facility team avoids any lapses in services. Residents’ comfort and security provisions are one of the prime factors which one looks at while investing in the property and once invested, the factor also retains their stay and a developer must ensure them.

Strict security checks for visitors coming in and going out ensure maximum security of the residents. To entrust the job, one has to look for the right agency that has an unblemished record. For the cases of emergency, one should employ a centralized help desk 24/7 for the customers so they are never left in the lurch.

Identifying the training need of the residents like that of fire/crowd control and lift emergency instructions/training and then providing them specific training provisions are the unique notion a builder can opt for. As there are increased cases of tenant-related disputes being witnessed, there has been a vigilant department to authenticate the Identity including Police Verification and keep a record of the tenants and to make sure the lease is being followed coherently, thus making the whole leasing out process more smooth and avoid all irrelevant disputes.

Not just the buildings and amenities, the developers should also adopt sustainable business practices to conserve the environment and lend an environment-friendly lifestyle to their community residents. To promote sustainable living, features like Rain Water Harvesting and STP(Sewage Treatment Plant) should be installed in the projects and the treated water is reused for Gardening and washing purposes.

To stand by the aspirations of the buyers and to inculcate the sense of trust among the buyers, the developers put in a lot of efforts. And, just like the developers have to be cautious, there are certain things buyers should take care of before buying any new property from any developer.

At SUSHMA, we ensure that the buyer visits our delivered project and get completely assured of the RERA compliance, completion certification, delivered quality, planning and designing of the project. The general practice of sample flat and brochure showcase of the developer is not sufficient to decide or finalizing the purchase. The delivered project in itself speaks volumes about the developer, its strengths and committed deliverability.

The buyer can be assured of quality of construction, design and post- delivery maintenance, by visiting the delivered project of the developer. Families living there can also testify the quality and standards of the project. Only serious and experienced developers would understand that relationship with the buyer does not ends after sales but begins the very moment he/she makes the purchase and thus becomes part of its growing family.


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