Sihasn, premium luxury furniture brand partnered with Potli Arts at an exhibition

Sihasn, premium luxury furniture brand partnered with Potli Arts at an exhibition
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Realty Plus visited the art exhibition titled ‘Fabric Treasures’ featuring products of Sihasn, a premium luxury furniture brand, put up at Coomarswamy Hall, Kalaghoda Mumbai. The exhibition celebrated Fabric art which is a traditional Indian art form having its origins in various parts of the country. Sihasn showcased some of the most wonderful pieces from their collection. Their exclusive collection, a range of Kantha-upholstered furniture, embroidered by none other than the eminent Master Craftswoman, Takdira Begum, who was conferred the Shilp Guru National Award by the President of

India in 2009, an award presented to a very select cadre of craftspeople in India whose contributions to art forms are invaluable services to the nation. Takdira Begum has single-handedly reinvented the simple Kantha stitch by taking it past generic asymmetric motifs to skillfully embroidered geometric patterns that are near-impossible to achieve by hand. The precise symmetry and standardized stitch- count she has employed across all her fabric is nothing short of an artistic feat, as a result she produces a limited amount of running material, which only allowed Sihasn to create a limited-edition collection.

Sanju Rao, Creative Director told Realty Plus that, “People are willing to make big purchases online. There are unique models we have brought forth for the people across India – A rare form of Kantha weaved chair which is from West Bengal and it has been embroidered by the national award winner Takdira Begum; there’s a unique Naga Shawl where the ceramic colour has been used. We also have Dari which people usually use for carpets, we are using it on furniture and we have used the ancient indigo block print. Mushroo silk is another rare form of silk which combines cotton and silk where the base surface remains cotton and the outer surface is woven by silk. We reinvent textile and materials across India and using for furniture upholstery.”

The newly launched Dhurrie collection from Rajasthan woven in cotton and block-printed with the indigo dye – a colour that has been used in Indian textiles since the days of the Indus Valley Civilization – by weavers of the prestigious organization, Jaipur Rugs. Rajput art and architecture were historically heavily influenced by Mughal aesthetics and sensibilities, and the Mughals, in turn, were profoundly influenced by the Mongols, Ottomans, and Persians. Consequently, many of the motifs found on Rajasthani dhurries today have their roots in regions that had predominantly nomadic and Islamic cultures – including Persia, Turkey and the Caucasus. With a festive touch of Diwali, Sihasn offered their hand-crafted products made out of Dhurries. Each of the five patterns borrows ancient motifs from Afghanistan, the Mediterranean, and Europe. The zig-zag, or “wave” pattern known as a “So Yolu” in Turkish symbolizes the water and Local Rivers that nomadic herders were familiar with. Another pattern that of an ornate pomegranate – has its origins and continues to be famous in the Region of East Turkestan. The spiral block-printed motif is an ancient pattern dating back to Neolithic times. A fundamental pattern to be found in nature, the spiral, like many other geometric patterns, highlights the discernible influence of Islamic designs and aesthetics in Indian block-printing since the Mughal era. Dhurries being used as rugs in India date as far back as 200 AD. The founders of this niche brand present to their products by bringing back history in a new modern way. With a twist of using handmade fabric from across the length and breadth of India, sourced directly from the weavers. Sihasn stands out in their league for this unique concept.

Realty Plus spoke to CEO of Sihasn, the online Upholstery store, he expressed regarding the response of the customers, “Today the market is more into digitalisation and that’s the reason we have started online. The online model is working extremely well with many people across India. The response is excellent and we mostly come forward through exhibitions through innovation of core fabric which6 people haven’t seen earlier.”

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