Simplex Infrastructures Ltd.

Simplex Infrastructures Ltd.
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A diversified company established in 1924, Simplex Infrastructures Ltd. is one of the construction leaders in India for nearly 90 years. The Company has been closely associated with the country’s infrastructure building with over 2600 completed projects spanning almost all the gamut of construction industry.

Simplex has been involved in the building sector since 1950 undertaking the design and construction of high-rise infrastructure, comprising – multi-storeyed residential towers, institutional/IT Buildings, hotels, hospitals and mass housing projects. Simplex also forayed into construction of hotels. Simplex undertook cumulative construction projects across 20mn sq. ft. for some of the biggest developers in India and expects to leverage its expertise in real estate development. Some of its well-known projects across the country include:

  • Beaumonde Towers, Mumbai
  • Aiport Terminal-Udaipur
  • Hotel Hilton-Doha
  • Hotel Riltz Carlton-Bangalore
  • IGI Airport, Delhi
  • State Assembly, Imphal
  • Jaiktkhamb Tower, Chhattisgarh
  • RBI- Lucknow
  • Saud Bhavan Plaza, MuscatA
  • Imphal-High Court Building
  • IIM, Indore
  • Jaipur Airport Terminal Building
  • Mega Sports Complex, Ranchi
  • Bridgate Plaza, Bangalore

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