Single-Channel Approach Can’t Convey Successful Online Presence

Single-Channel Approach Can’t Convey Successful Online Presence
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Smita B. Thorat, Founder & CEO, Brandniti in conversation with Sapna Srivastava, Editor Realty+ briefs on the new age digital marketing tools and strategies for real estate. 

How has pandemic changed the mindsets of most traditional realty players towards technology? 

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought in a paradigm shift in the traditional working process of top-notch realty players. Technology has taken a quantum leap as many realtors are introducing diverse techniques to induce more and more sales. The mindset of traditional realtors has taken a 180-degree turn as they have deployed diverse measures that increase sales. 

We at Brandniti, a strategic advertising and media agency have been proposing developers Motion Graphic Videos, Virtual Tours and 3D Walk-through to display the product to the clients. Additionally, organizing webinars to give real-time insights of the market and generating organic interest. We also proposed to our clients one on one virtual presentation with prospects wherein they can resolve their queries and assist in booking an apartment.

The most significant arrangement we have worked in for a few is the internet booking process with a payment gateway wherein a buyer can pay a token amount with master card/ net banking and book his choice of apartment. This arrangement has been beneficial for both the customer as well as the client and it’s a win-win scenario. Post lockdown the customers can visit the site within the 3 months mentioned period and can complete the process. 

We think Marketing and Branding of land projects hereon aren’t going to be the same anymore post Covid19.

The developers are adopting varied technology induced measures to amplify their brand name and their brand reach. We have opted for the holistic route as we rendered services to top-notch players of the industry. Technology dependency has improved considerably as every business is deploying high-tech measures to attract leads and convert them into potential buyers. We are suggesting as well delivering commendable results that have earned us a good name in the competitive market. 

The market is like a pendulum, swinging back and forth and to gain a foothold, ideal marketing strategies is essential. As a strategic media and advertising agency, we ace in delivering exemplary services to all our clients. With progressive technology coupled with great marketing initiatives, we are surpassing the requirements of our clients. During Covid-19 induced lockdown, we formed a network of professionals, channel partners, consultants and vendors who participated and exchanged business on offline mode. This initiative gained a lot of productive business as small businesses gained the opportunity to earn through big businesses whereas big entrepreneurs were able to complete their projects within the stipulated time and lastly, the customers gained good user experience. This loop painted a positive and lucrative image for the company as well as the clients.


Which are some of the multi-channel and multi-devices campaign digital tools helpful for realty business?

In today’s competitive market, a single-channel approach can’t convey a successful online presence. 

There is always a newfangled approach that is deployed by marketers to attract their target audience and gain an edge. An organization that is still banking on traditional marketing techniques soon will find that their reach is predominated by that of their peers who utilize an assorted blend of media. 

To create a foothold in the competitive market, organizations have to use all the tools at their disposal to reach out to audiences with varied information-consumption preferences. The cut-throat competition requires a 360-degree approach that caters to all the segments that are most effective and can capitalize on. 

We, at Brandniti, possess the technical knowledge and map out robust strategic ideas to formulate a constructive marketing campaign to gain quality leads. It would follow a data-driven approach, continuously recalibrating with multi-channel campaigns using analytics and qualitative feedback. A marketing tool such as a content calendar could also be used to implement the strategy.


The significance of online reputation management for an organization and ways to manage it?

It’s very easy for anyone to gauge you and your company by what they find on Google. In fact, about 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business. By simply checking out you on the web, they will come up with different viewpoints about your company and what you offer, good or bad.

 A negative online presence, or having no presence in the slightest degree, can severely impact the success of your company (or you as an individual). Whether you’re closing a deal, developing a business partnership, or talking to reporters, your online reputation counts.

Social media could be a growing part of how businesses position themselves within the digital space. Prospective customers, current customers, and influencers are all finding out your social presence and determining whether or not they want to figure with you – or not. If you’re not engaging and responding on social media, you’re missing an enormous opportunity to grow your business.

Like most marketing, it requires constant upkeep and frequent monitoring to ascertain how you’re doing. Keeping tabs on how your brand is represented online will only help your business within the long term.

 If there’s little there, or not everything said about your business is positive, you would possibly consider planning some strategic PR events to cast your business in a more positive light. This might include things like supporting community causes, partnering with another local organization with an excellent reputation, or highlighting a number of the innovation happening within your company. The purpose of online reputation management is to create balance, counteract misleading trends, and allow you to put your best foot forward.


What are some of the pitfalls of digital media marketing to be avoided?

Social media marketing is not any longer an option–it’s a necessity. With the increasing amount of people being tech-savvy and are having social media accounts, it’s become a primary venue for brands to attach with their audiences. The trick, of course, is to try to do it right. Today’s consumer is savvy, against direct selling of products and services, and needs a special brand experience on social media. It’s called “social” for a reason, and marketers must remember this.

  1. Too many options can make you lose focus- With a plethora of social media platforms, it is tempting to establish your brand on every channel. Some marketers assume that if they cover them all, their presence will be amplified and will hit the right TG. However, it is not easy and entirely possible unless you have a dedicated team of professionals that give weightage to every platform. Without proper research, the brand will lose its essence and will not grab a foothold in the competitive market. Analyzing the proper media mix and narrowing down your TG will offer you an appropriate roadmap and will help you pick a few for focus. 
  2. Focusing on your Product more than your TG – In some scenarios, marketers tend to provide more focus on their products and completely neglect focusing on the audience. As mentioned earlier, narrowing down your TG is very much essential to grab the interest of the customers and largely to induce sales. Take your cue from what people do on social media and imitate. Your first goal is to determine connections and relationships together with your audience. You can do this by providing amazing content that engages them together with your brand. They need to urge to understand you – who you’re, what your mission is, your brand story, and more.
  3. Neglecting User-generated content – User-generated content is powerful. It gives proof to audiences that a brand is reputable and trustworthy, which their products/services are valuable.  Every marketer knows that customer reviews are important and that they put them on their websites, usually within the sort of short comments and feedback. But social media provides some ways for patrons to share their happiness.
  4. Over-Commitment – Overcommitment is one of the major pitfalls of digital media marketing. Since social media platform is the free and easiest form of media, one tends to commit more than one can deliver. In such scenarios, the marketing agencies falter by agreeing more than they can deliver.


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