Slum Rehabilitation Schemes

Slum Rehabilitation Schemes
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What is the Role of SRA (Slum Rehabilitation Authority)scheme?

The administration has created a working model for Public – Private – Partnership in slum rehabilitation wherein, the redevelopments include market rate housing for new buyers as well as cross – subsidised apartment blocks for the original slum dwellers.

The government’s key policy intervention to facilitate slum redevelopment is a change in the land development regulations to allow for an increased density of redevelopment in city’s slums. The increase in the permitted intensity of redevelopment helps to generate the cross subsidy for slum dwellers.

Are slum rehabilitation Schemes lucrative for developers?

SRA schemes provide an innovative cross – subsidy to private developer in slum rehabilitation scheme. Sale component equal to 0.75 times the rehabilitation component in city areas; equal to rehabilitation component in suburbs and extended suburbs and equal to 1.33 times the rehabilitation component in difficult areas is allowed. So, yes, it seems to be quite lucrative.

Why developers are reluctant to take up rehabilitation projects?

One of the major issues in rehabilitation projects is getting the site cleared from the slum dwellers, even after obtaining 70% of consent from them. Though law has become stringent on this and the Hon’ble Supreme Court in Balasaheb Arjun Torbole and Ors. Vs. The Administrator and Divisional Commissioner and Orshad dismissed appeals from slum dwellers stating that “SRA is competent to approve scheme once 70% or more of slum dwellers of such area has given their consent” but still the developers find it very difficult to take the physical possession of the area for development since there are various religious and other sentiments connected to the place.

Another difficulty the developers face is giving temporary shelter to the dwellers as the construction work takes a couple of years and it becomes very difficult to accommodate huge number of families.

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