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Mohit Gupta, Sr. Executive Vice President, Sales, Piramal Realty recommends adopting small changes that can help homeowners create bond and feel one with nature.

According to global studies, those who reside in natural surroundings with fresh air and sunlight live longer, leading to improved physical and mental wellbeing. Besides, the research done by University College London (UCL) and Imperial College states that those living near nature may not have behavioural and emotional problems or intellectual disabilities. By doing so, individuals can maintain a mentally and physically fit lifestyle and keep their overall wellbeing in check.

In cities, people are no longer in touch with nature because of the hustle and bustle of daily life. Besides, a large section of the urban population resides in areas characterized by city noise, pollution, and limited green spaces. Although they feel isolated from nature, adopting small changes can help them create bonds and feel one with it.

Fairy Gardens: The owner of a palatial apartment can have a beautiful fairy garden, which are miniature gardens constructed of small plants and tiny accessories designed to lure fairies. These gardens bring a sense of calmness and contentment. One can customize these fairy gardens as per their taste and bring in stories and concepts which are precious and relevant to them. Incorporating a fairy garden into a home can also help in relieving stress and promote healthy sleeping patterns.

Indoor Gardening: One must be able to grow plants in their apartments, regardless of their size. It is proven that indoor gardening is a beautiful hobby that gives a sense of peace and tranquility. Homebuyers often prefer wall-mounted glass vases to create that stunning, minimalist, Scandinavian look. Organic produce is increasingly popular, and vegetable and herb gardens are becoming a part of luxury properties. Here the concept of ‘farm-to-table is often implemented right into the kitchen.

Floors, fixtures, and Furniture: The addition of natural elements in home fixtures, furniture, and flooring is becoming increasingly popular. Wood and marble flooring have become common among homebuyers as people feel more connected to nature as both these materials have natural and eco-friendly elements present in them. Furthermore, wood and bamboo furniture make homes look and feel warmer, elegant, and have an artistic appeal as they are made from natural materials. 

Eco-friendly materials: Creating a sustainable environment can positively influence residents’ wellbeing, especially the natural decor. Materials used in the construction of these décors are safe, durable, and highly functional. The shift towards a more eco-conscious lifestyle can be as simple as making a few changes to one’s home. The natural beauty of eco-friendly materials such as wicker, hemp, rattan, and jute can instantly transform any space into a peaceful sanctuary. Aside from that, people can reduce their carbon footprint and live ecologically balanced lives by switching to solar panels, solar heaters for their daily requirements.  

Living closer to nature creates a soothing and peaceful atmosphere which has a good effect on one’s wellbeing. Living in an area with nature conservatories, mountain trails, and botanical gardens within driving distance is advisable to attain a peaceful and healthy life. The communities that Piramal Realty is building surround green spaces – huge forests, a botanical garden, to magnificent hills. Apart from experiencing beautiful scenery every day, the developer understands how living amidst nature can transform residents’ lives and enhance their happiness and wellbeing.  


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