Small-Scale Modular Housing Solution for Homelessness

Small-Scale Modular Housing Solution for Homelessness
26/09/2020 , by , in INTERNATIONAL

In Cambridge, an innovative approach to the problem of homelessness has now been tested for the first time in modular homes. Modular homes are movable, mostly temporary kinds of small-scale accommodation which give each occupant their own front door.

The Cambridge “mods” – as they are called by the residents – have 25sqm of floor space, with separate living and cooking, sleeping and bathroom areas. They are equipped with appliances such as a cooker, TV and washing machine, and were outfitted ready for their residents to move in.

The modular housing project is a collaboration between three local organisations. Jimmy’s Cambridge, a Charity Organization, the New Meaning Foundation was responsible for constructing the modular housing units and Allia, a social enterprise supporting organisations and projects with space, support and access to capital,

Modular housing is being embraced as a way to counter homelessness in a number of countries. In Vancouver, Canada, a project aiming to provide up to 600 units began in 2018. The first units opened in the city in 2020.

In Scotland, the Social Bite Village is working towards a similar goal, supporting up to 20 people affected by homelessness as they move towards independent living.

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