Smart Real-estate

Smart Real-estate
Jan 2018 , by , in Realty Spotlight

Technology driven homes are no longer just a matter of luxury but are becoming an essential part of urban living. Realty Plus examines the plethora of technology products available for the tech-savvy real-estate as well as the challenges of the segment.

As the world gets increasingly interconnected and technologically advanced, the personal lives too are getting mechanization driven. Catering to this demand of homeowners for security and home automation, there is a deluge of companies, established as well newbies that are offering relevant services and products.  Alternatively,  real-estate developers can now opt to include home automation from ground up or offer buyers a “package” option, thus providing value to customers while minimizing capital lock-in.

Sumit Virmani, CEO, Parametrique Electronics Solutions Pvt Ltd, a Delhi- NCR based integrated home automation solutions provider briefs, “The real-estate customer today prefers value additions like high speed internet connectivity, home automation and safety & security features in the project. The developers realizing this demand are equipping their properties with fibre-optic cabling, video door phones, high definition security cameras and integrated building management systems, among others.”

As rightly pointed out by Virmani , the perceived value of a residential project is no longer based only on factors such as the location, facilities and design. The homebuyer desires a lifestyle. Developers too are inclining towards creating a USP for their project by including automation products and services. But, the challenge facing the developers is finding the robust, scalable and long lasting automation products, specialized vendor and cost-effective service maintenance over the years. “When we started the company about 4 years back, first aspect that we noticed was the deficit of integrated solutions. Developers were dealing with vendor companies that did not have technology specialization or lacked trained manpower,” added Virmani.

The Solutions

Traditionally, home automation systems were seen as complex and expensive, but this is no longer the case. Some of the solutions being implemented by developers include:

  • Smart Metering
  • Optical Network for high internet bandwidth
  • Video Surveillance Systems
  • Some Detection Systems
  • HVAC and Lighting controls
  • Wireless connected household electronic devices
  • Remotely controlled windows & doors

Talking about the correct implementation of technology Virmani explains, “Engaging a specialized automation provider right at the planning stage is critical in getting the basic technology infrastructure in place and keeping the costs down. For instance, the fibre optic cables are laid out during the electrical works and are pre-decided along with the developer, if the same are to be connected at each floor level or to individual housing unit. Also, it is advisable to keep at least the next 3-4 years requirements of residents while providing automation in a project. The home automation should be scalable and third party compatible. Furthermore, annual maintenance by the vendor adds to the life-cycle of the automation products. ”

Real-estate sector in India is evolving and fast adopting global technologies. Going forward, home automation will be considered the basic feature of any project as it will drive the smart connected communities and energy management for sustainable developments. Property Developers are overcoming the learning curve and the automation products are becoming far more standardised, robust and price competitive, resulting in greater value, lower cost and a more marketable development projects.


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