SoBo office complex to set up largest power plant in Mumbai

SoBo office complex to set up largest power plant in Mumbai
29/09/2016 , by , in ALLIED

A large office complex in Mumbai has shown how the city can put to good use its vast rooftops, and in the process save money and reduce the hazardous impact of power generation on the environment.

The Arcade building, with 120 offices at MVIRDC World Trade Centre (WTC) at Cuffe Parade, Colaba, is the first large commercial establishment in the city that is powered through solar energy. The 808 solar panels, spread across 25,000 square foot roof, generate 250 kilowatt peak power (KWp) system that has reduced their annual electricity bill by 30%. The power generation system is connected to the grid, which means that electricity produced on a holiday is fed into the public system.

“Solar power is attractive because it is abundant and offers a solution to the negative effects of fossil fuel emissions and global climate change,” said Kamal M Morarka, chairman, WTC Mumbai, a non-profit organisation that helps in facilitating trade. “With the demand for energy rising exponentially, the entire state is undergoing a transformation in how it generates electricity.” The complex is named after Sir MokshagundamVisvesvaraya, a champion of the manufacturing industry.

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