SoftTech Announces the Launch of RuleBuddy® PLAN ASSISTTM

SoftTech Announces the Launch of RuleBuddy® PLAN ASSISTTM
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Continuing its commitment towards the innovationin AEC domain, SoftTech Engineers Limited has announced the launch ofRuleBuddy® PLAN ASSISTTM.

Powered by AutoCAD® OEM Platform, RuleBuddy® PLAN ASSISTTMis a unique software product to create & pre-check building plans before submission to authorities. It allows import, visualization, editing & saving of 3D BIM models in IFC format to native DWGTMformat.

Here are a few key features of RuleBuddy® PLAN ASSISTTM:

  1. Create accurate, ready to pre-check, pre-formatted building plan drawings in a familiar CAD environment.
  2. Identify and visualize the errors or non-conformities in the drawings & highlight them in different colors.
  3. Automatically calculate the areas for building plans even in complex and big projects with accuracy & speed.

Mr. Vijay Gupta

Commenting on this launch, Mr. Vijay Gupta, Founder & CEO, SoftTech Engineers Limited, said, “SoftTech has always been leading the innovation in AEC domain. With RuleBuddy® PLAN ASSISTTM, we have taken this to the new level. While eliminating the need to invest in any third party CAD software license, RuleBuddy® PLAN ASSISTTMwill enable architects and real estate developers to save time and money by quickly preparing ready-to-approve building plans. It will not only check building plans for applicable building bye-laws, but will also ensure peace of mind by minimizing re-submissions.”

“The built-in ‘AI (Artificial Intelligence) Empowered’ scrutiny engine will quickly and easily check whether the building plan passes the scrutiny for applicable building bye-laws or DCR (Development Control Regulations) of relevant authority”, he added.

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