South Central Railway to use solar lights to cut bills

South Central Railway to use solar lights to cut bills
22/12/2017 , by , in ALLIED

In a bid to slash the spiralling electricity bills, South Central Railway is planning to install solar energy and use the saved money to beef up the existing infrastructure in other sectors. All platforms and railway offices in the six divisions of SCR will be powered by solar energy by 2018. Authorities have estimated that the new strategy will save 27.4 lakh units worth ₹2.5 crore per year.
Afew months ago, authorities had installed solar panels in 20 stations. Railway sources said that a total of 2.28 megawatt solar panels have been functioning in SCR zone, and installation of rest four megawatt panels will be completed by March 2018. “Using solar panels for electricity in train coaches may reduce carbon footprint in the air and solar panels at stations are bringing down operational costs,” said SCR spokesperson.
Water pumps at platforms guzzle more electricity than fans and light. However, the solar energy is cutting down the power bills at 131stations where 1,020 kilowatt solar panels have been installed.

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