Standardization must for Design industry

Standardization must for Design industry
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Jimmy Mistry, Chairman and Managing Director of Della Group with interests across design, adventure and hospitality showcased his designed flat at Rustomjee Elements in Juhu, Mumbai. The show flat is a debut project for the soon to be launched “Della by Jimmy Mistry” Store. All the products featured in the flat have been manufactured by Della, at Della facilities. Realty Plus spoke to Jimmy Mistry about his design philosophy and strategies.


Tell us about the concept of “Della by Jimmy Mistry” Stores

I started Della Stores around 4 years back with an aim to set up one of the largest interior products supply company which offers very high-end designed products. These products are designed by me and others as well but going through my design filter. The products are outstandingly different in each category and class.

For example, we are looking for bed automation system considering the space constrain in Mumbai homes. We have got hydraulics to lift the bed rather than doing it manually. It will worth because according to me the 6*6 full storage area will be usable. My whole mind is mobbed with design like that. Automation, engineering, life of materials, quality of marbles, wooden base and timeless design are the things that makes difference.

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