Standardization must for Design industry

Standardization must for Design industry
Feb 2018 , by , in Interviews

Jimmy Mistry, Chairman and Managing Director of Della Group with interests across design, adventure and hospitality showcased his designed flat at Rustomjee Elements in Juhu, Mumbai. The show flat is a debut project for the soon to be launched “Della by Jimmy Mistry” Store. All the products featured in the flat have been manufactured by Della, at Della facilities. Realty Plus spoke to Jimmy Mistry about his design philosophy and strategies.


Tell us about the concept of “Della by Jimmy Mistry” Stores

I started Della Stores around 4 years back with an aim to set up one of the largest interior products supply company which offers very high-end designed products. These products are designed by me and others as well but going through my design filter. The products are outstandingly different in each category and class.

For example, we are looking for bed automation system considering the space constrain in Mumbai homes. We have got hydraulics to lift the bed rather than doing it manually. It will worth because according to me the 6*6 full storage area will be usable. My whole mind is mobbed with design like that. Automation, engineering, life of materials, quality of marbles, wooden base and timeless design are the things that makes difference.


Which regions are you focussing on for the Della stores? Are there plans to go internationally?

In stage 1 we are opening stores in India. In Lonavala we are opening 40,000 sq. ft. store. Then we will be entering in Delhi and Bangalore. Across India, we are looking to appoint different dealers for different segments like kitchens and doors; tiles and sanitary ware; residential interiors and office interiors. So there will be 4 dealers specializing in each segment in each city. We are also going very strong on décor items so there may be dealers for that segment also.


What are your strategies to tackle the competition in the market?

Design has to be the differentiator. For me, cost can never be the differentiator. I cannot compete with somebody who is at the bottom nor do I want to compete with the multimillion category individual. I want to be very hard core on design.

For example, when all are selling laminated parquet floors, Della brand is developing waterproof laminated parquet floors of AC6 materials which will last for years and years. That kind of engineering is important to us and we are doing it. Our employees are in China, Italy, Germany, Russia and across the world to learn this engineering.



What is your designing strategy and philosophy?

We want to change the game of design in India. We want standardisation to come and predefine the calibres. The design should be more appreciated and paid for. We are not only doing interior and architectural designs or clients but we are doing full supplies and that is our philosophy. I am providing the clients with different designers according to their preference.



What are the challenges faced in Indian markets?

The biggest problem in Indian market is lack of Standardisation. The architects are being paid very less. There is no standard fees for different categories of architects and designers. This results in low quality designs and inferior work. We need to strike a balance between these two things. There is lot of work which needs to be streamlined in India.


From whom are you influenced much in your life?

IDEO Design influences me a lot. Their thought processes to better humanity, to live our place better influences me. I have been implementing this since last 15 years. I have designed a police chowki for Maharashtra police at Marine Lines in Mumbai around 13 years back. The idea was to standardize police stations to increase transparency and provide a better working environment to the police officials. We have worked to improve things and that kind of ideology influences me.


How is you coordination with other designers?

I appreciate the people who work and contribute to the industry. All the leading architects across the length and breadth of the country are personally known to me and I admire the work done by them.  I work in a good harmony with other designers.



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