Stay Home, Work Safe

Stay Home, Work Safe
15/04/2020 , by , in News/Views

Brands make business by selling promises. Especially in times of crisis, consumers expect brands to not just deliver on the promises they made but are actually hoping that these are exceeded. If that happens, consumers not only renew their faith in your brand but actually strengthen that relationship even more than ever before.


Here is what brands can do all the time, but even more so during times of crisis:


  1. Do not try and profit from a crisis. Even if you have a product that is particularly relevant in the context of the crisis, inform and educate audiences without stirring up a frenzy.
  2. Be truthful and make promises that are definite, demonstrable and deliverable.
  3. Communicate in a contextually sensitive and in a straightforward manner.
  4. Care for your existing customer first before you seek out new ones.
  5. While social media helps in connecting with audiences more frequently and with rich media content, digital technologies will help you come closest to replicating physical interaction and immersive engagement.

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