Stay Home, Work Safe

Stay Home, Work Safe
08/04/2020 , by , in News/Views

Homeworking can very commonly cause back pain because of the unsuitability of the work station setup. The added problem at the moment as we all face lockdown is the lack of ability to move around normally work in a large office space and spend time walking around the office to move; that is not possible at home.

Home can be cosy and make you feel a little lethargic, but you still need to move around whenever possible. Just as in actual office, it’s important to keep moving while working from home.

Below is a list of tips for maintaining a healthy back and spine while working from home:

Download an at-home yoga app: Yoga is a great tool for staying healthy and is a brilliant exercise for the mind and can help to keep you mentally healthy during this working-from-home period.

Perfect the work space set up: Have your screen higher to ensure your screen is at eye level. Sit on a chair that is comfortable, sit your bottom right to the back of your chair, place a small rolled-up towel in the small of your back to help lift your lumbar spine. Work from home, is not to work from the bed or sofa.

Maintain your sleep routine: It’s very important to work sitting upright at a table rather than staying in bed all day with the laptop as it impacts your sleeping routine. The bed should be a place for slumber, not for work, and your brain needs to know this. When it does come time to settle down for the night, you’ll look forward to jumping into your cosy nest even more so if you’ve stayed away from it.

Keep moving: Get up and walk around every hour and stretch your arms to the ceiling; it is important to stretch your back into extension if you sit for long periods.

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