Steelcase India launches Series 1 range of office chairs

Steelcase India launches Series 1 range of office chairs
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Workspace designer and office furniture maker, Steelcase has launched Series 1, its range of office chairs in India. Series 1 is an exceptional range of chairs, modelled after a variety of personality traits, identified in the workspace. Through their assorted colours and strategic design, each chair allows you to express your individuality and unique persona.

Available in 11 mix-and-match options – for knit, flexor and colour, the chair has a wide range of seat and fabric finish options. The Series 1 chairs are integrated with LiveBack technology, adaptive bolstering and 4D adjustable arms to deliver dynamic performance without sacrificing attainability. Thoughtfully designed, this latest solution boosts performance in any kind of setting, from collaborative spaces to focused individual hubs.

Mr. Peter Boeckel, Design Manager –Steelcase Asia-Pacific said, “Each aspect of the Series 1 chair has been designed to meet the needs and personas of new age employees. Our larger thought process behind the launch has been to design and achieve a solution that combines the expertise of Steelcase and enables organizations and employees to express their brand in the best possible manner.” .

According to a 2017 Steelcase Global Workplace Report, only 69% of employees in India feel like they are able to choose where to work in the office based on the task. As more companies move towards modern interior design spaces, Steelcase aims to bolster its innovative legacy to cater to the needs of millennial employees in terms of comfort, efficiency and creativity.

Mr. Praveen Rawal, Managing Director, Steelcase India & South-East Asia – added, “India is rapidly transforming from a low-cost labour destination to a vast knowledge hub. As a result, the industry has experienced an influx of a younger and more dynamic workforce that believes in working smarter, faster and more efficiently. Adding this to the rich diversity showcased in Indian workspaces, it becomes imperative to the workers to find their place in a huge organisation that they can call their own. Steelcase understands the importance of inculcating a sense of belonging in the workspace. The concept behind Series 1 is to support various work modes and provide a resonance with every employee persona.” .

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