Stonelam® Laminam Launches Architectural Facade Skin

Stonelam® Laminam Launches Architectural Facade Skin
17/08/2018 , by , in ALLIED

Stonelam®Laminam, Indiahas launched the Architectural Façade Skin, a revolutionary slab that does not neglect environmental friendliness: natural raw materials, sustainable technology, recyclable products and designed to multiply intended uses and applications. With a thickness of 3 and 5mm these perfectly flat and extremely light slabs form an authentic architectural skin designed as a covering material for the facades. TheArchitectural Façade Skin by StonelamLaminamboastsexcellent performance, ranging from soft, natural textures to industrial, ultra-technological options. The Architectural Façade Skin by Stonelam® Laminam is produced using Antipollution & Self-cleaning Hydrotect® treatment and the assortment can be seen at Stonelam Surfaces Pvt Ltd, WZ-29, Mansarovar Garden, Ring Road, Marble Market, New Delhi.

This new Architectural Façade Skin epitomises architectural elements designed with Self-cleaning Hydrotect® treatment. When Laminam+Hydrotect® applied to exterior coverings, the exclusive Hydrotect® technology is able to guarantee excellent performance, making slabs self-cleaning and antibacterial and purifying the air. When the light of the UV rays comes into contact with the surface of the outdoor covering and irradiates it, active oxygen is generated, which breaks down all the organic substances and oxidizes the nitrogen oxides. Rainwater then spreads, and thanks to the ultra-water-resistant characteristics of the treated slabs, creates a thin layer that cleans the slabs, removing the dirt previously broken down by the active oxygen.

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