Studio HBA Designs an Intricate Pocket of Luxury

Studio HBA Designs an Intricate Pocket of Luxury
13/06/2019 , by , in ALLIED

The newly unveiled luxury project, New Cuffe Parade (NCP) was designed by Studio HBA. New Cuffe Parade is created to redefine the meaning of luxury living with a celebration of nature, fine textiles and tectonic geometry. In the midst of Mumbai, NCP has 2 equally elegant spaces that set itself apart – NCP Marketing Suite and NCP Apartments.

Designed in neutral colours, the space is designed to evoke a sense of serenity and peace. Splashes of bold colours brought together in the form of accessories and furniture give the space a lively feel. The NCP Marketing Suite features curvaceous walls that lead one from the reception to the interiors of the space. The plush seating provides it a comfortable yet elegant vibe. The NCP Apartments, designed to cater to an urbane family, were specially curated with objects that signify places from around the world. The apartments are a true indication of the meaning of elegance and suave.

“New Cuffe Parade is one of our proudest creations which follow our value of celebrating the inherent textural quality of different elements. The apartments show a diverse amount of materials all bound together by our simple elegant colour palette of whites and blues. We had a thrilling time using abstract art to amplify the beauty of the room. It ties everything together and helps us create an international flavour in a cosmopolitan city like Mumbai,” said Studio HBA Partner, Rahul Shankhwalker.

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