Sunroom Italy presents Oskura Waterproof available at P3 Architectural Solutions

Sunroom Italy presents Oskura Waterproof available at P3 Architectural Solutions
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Sunroom, the first brand in the world to make folding book windows since 1969 presents Oskura Waterproof which is a fully open able bio climatic pergola system, is now available at P3 Architectural Solutions. It protects from the rain and manages the intensity of natural light, especially in summer. P3 Architectural Solutions is the Exclusive Distributor for the brand Sunroom in India.

Oskura Waterproof is the only sunblind system equipped with adjustable blades and is completely electrically packable that allows you to adjust the light intensity and ventilation. The Oskura Waterproof system, when in the position of total closure of the blades, ensures excellent resistance to atmospheric agents and protects from rain, but has the possibility to be completely openable: the only product on the market that has this triple function.

Mr.Roopesh Gupta, MD & CEO, P3 Architectural Solutions stated, “Sunroom for over 40 years is the hallmark of the production of a wide range of products, characterized by innovation, quality and contemporary design. The flexibility of the Sunroom production also allows complete production of complete winter gardens, verandas and solar greenhouses tailored to the customer, for destinations ranging from private homes to public places, according to current regulations on energy saving.”

“Sunroom” is the first brand in the world to have made folding book windows already in 1969, obtaining also the European patent. The great experience and the continuous search for new solutions allow our products to provide a wide range of possibilities in realizing large glazed surfaces that adapt to customer needs. Sunroom products allow you to fully enjoy your home, increasing its value. The Sunroom range includes Folding windows, Sliding windows, Fixed and mobile covers for winter gardens, Collapsible and sliding glass systems and Bioclimatic pergolas.

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