SUPER CXOs – India’s Top 100 Realty Influencers

SUPER CXOs – India’s Top 100 Realty Influencers
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Realty+ was delighted to announce the launch of its much appreciated and in demand ‘SUPER CXOs – India’s Top 100 Realty Influencers’ during the Realty+ Conclave & Excellence Awards- 2020 NORTH on Nov 27, 2020.

Realty+ Special Coffee Table Book “Realty+ ‘SUPER CXOs–- India’s Top 100 Realty Influencers’ digital edition features those dynamic personalities in Real Estate who have been influential in shaping the sector with their vision, innovation and inspiring journeys. This initiative comes at an opportune time when the industry is looking to its leaders for motivation and inspiration.  

Briefing on this unique initiative by realty+ Amit Goenka, Nisus Finance Services said, “I think this initiative by Realty+ is truly outstanding and this will prove to be a one its kind book in the realty industry. All the leaders mentioned are presented in a unique way and I am sure this publication will be an inspiration for all.

Tanvi Bhatt, Personal Branding Coach shared, “I think it is a thoughtful initiative by Realty+.  Each and every legend presented in the book is an achiever and this makes us realise how realty sector has survived in this difficult times. This book defines the transformation journey of every leader. I’m thrilled to be associated with the fantastic initiative like this.” 

Tushar Rathod, See & Recruit stated, “It is amazing to be part of this initiative. Pandemic has tested the second largest sector of the Indian economy and this book not only appreciates the efforts of realty’s business leaders but, also offers learning to others. This is indeed a perfect time to celebrate the leadership in the sector and this book perfectly captures a lot of success mantra’s of our leaders.” 



Dr. Ananta Singh Raghuvanshi, Senior Executive Director, Experion Developers 

“Courage, integrity and strength under pressure are the essential traits of a leader. To achieve success discipline, meticulous planning, focus on business goals and standing rock solid with your team are the prerequisites.”


Sanjay Dutt, MD & CEO, Tata Realty

“Leadership is all about making everybody else successful, if others team members are not successful you can never be a leader. Somewhere leaders need to realise they have left their personal goals way behind because they have now reached the stage of responsibility and accountability. And at that stage what matters is your team’ success.”  


Anuj Puri, Chairman, Anarock Group 

“Humility is the most important characteristic of a successful and an inspiring leader. For many of the leaders of the world, who are successful that word stands out. For efficacious leadership, it is important to be grounded with humility.”


Sanchin Bhandari, CEO, VTP Group

“For the organization, leaders focus is on better turnover & profit but, to be a great leader and to be successful in the long run, a leader needs to be thoughtful towards customers, employees, financers, and all the stakeholders of the industry.”


Mani Rangarajan, Group COO,, & 

“A leader has to be resilient and persevere to face challenges, especially when you are working in a start-up. As a leader, the focus should be on solution and not on the problem.” 


Raj Pillai, Managing Director, Starworth Infrastructure & Construction Ltd

“If there is a possibility of having a “Apple” kind of business in India, it is now. A leader has to think out of the box, innovative and strive to raise the benchmarks of the industry.” 


Gaurav Moudgil, Managing Partner, Global C 

“Pure passion for your work and sincerity in conducting the business with honesty will always help achieve great heihts personally as well as professionally.”


Kumaran Chandrasekaran, Vice President of Investment, Sundaram Alternate Assets Ltd

Leadership is not position, it is an attitude. You need to have the determination, confidence combined with a positive approach towards doing any work or solving any problem.”



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