Supporting Role Of Vastu Amidst Corona

Supporting Role Of Vastu Amidst Corona
Apr 2021 , by , in Realty Spotlight

Dr Aarushi Sadhotra, Founder- Vaastublessings

Pandemic Corona looks like a never-ending phase. India is witnessing the 3rd wave of this pandemic,4th wave in some of the states, which is said to be far more serious than what we witnessed in the year 2020. Much awaited vaccine is here, but after all, even vaccines take time to develop antibodies and prepare our system to fight savage virus. Until then each and every one of us has to play an important role, “to be the chain breaker instead of becoming a spreader of the virus”. Vastu shastra has always been guiding people at large, to be as close to nature as possible and remain connected to it in every probable manner. The physical, mental and emotional damage this pandemic has brought, can’t be undone but its impact can surely be reduced if everyone follows few basic things as suggested by Vastu Shastra. 

Family member with an illness: Having a family member who is suffering from an ailment is a major cause of stress and keeping them safe from corona is like every day’s challenge. First important step you have to take is to shift him or her to the room in north-east or east portion of the house. Now look for the placement of medicines. Have you been keeping their medicines in south, west, southeast or north west of your house? Usage of medicines there is never going to stop. It is advised to shift your first-aid box with all the medicines, in north or east side of the house. This direction ensures good health and patients staying in these directions are seen to be getting well sooner than the ones living in south and western directions of house.

Magical camphor, black pepper and Asafoetida – Camphor is known to increase the oxygen level in air. Black pepper is rich in anti-oxidants and reduces the damage caused by the free radicals, in our body. It is an anti-inflammatory spice and suppresses inflammation caused by various disease. It also manages the blood sugar level. Likewise, Asafoetida is antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial. It protects brain health and eases asthma symptoms. Grinding powder of all the three spices in equal measure, making balls of it, and then burning them in an aroma diffuser is going to permeate your house with healthy air and going to improve health.

Meditation and Yog An undebatable solution to many problems. Meditation and yoga are known to work wonders. Corona impacts not just physically but mentally and emotionally too. Minimum 15 minutes of pranayama has proven to increase the oxygen holding capacity of lungs, which is primarily impacted by the virus. Meditation, Yoga and exercise releases hormones which keeps a person happy and positive, and positivity is the need of the hour.

Worried about business and Job – Corona has been a nightmare for everyone especially for people earning livelihood for their families. Businesses are shut, employees have lost jobs. Every penny saved is penny earned. To avoid money out flow and to bring stagnation in the earned money, keep all your cash and related items in the south-west of your house and let them face North. Keep north direction absolutely clean and empty and dominant colour there should be green. Don’t keep any cash in northwest or northeast of your house. Shift your kitchen to southeast from north, northeast and south, as kitchen in these directions will increase the outflow of money.

This is the crucial time to avoid any kind of negativity, be it in form of dust or junk in the house or feelings of fear, anxiety, restlessness. This is a bad phase which will end sooner or later but not to lose control over self, is important to practice. Tips mentioned above will help you create an environment of positivity and will keep you stable and going during these tough times.


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