Symphony Air Coolers Launched  ‘Symphony Ka Movicool’ Campaign

Symphony Air Coolers Launched  ‘Symphony Ka Movicool’ Campaign
Mar 2021 , by , in Realty Spotlight

Symphony Limited, One of India’s home-grown global air-cooling company and world’s largest manufacturer of air-coolers has launched a new campaign, “Symphony ka Movicool” to introduce its new commercial range of coolers designed for large indoor and outdoor spaces. The national TVC aims to connect with Indian audiences through an engaging jingle that showcases the newest range of technologically advanced Movicool Air Coolers that are ideal for upcoming summer season. 

The ad film opens with several characters at multiple events and places shown perspiring due to scorching summer heat that leaves them frazzled, even in their mind. To combat the distressed situation, Symphony brings in the Movicool Air Coolers designed esthetically for large spaces and the background score/music picks up on a quirky note of the jingle, “Jab bhi jahan bhi karna ho cool, Symphony ka MOVICOOL…” All the characters start dancing on the foot tapping song as they feel fresh, happy, and energetic after the transformation in the air. Conceptualized and created by Triton Communications, the 360-degree campaign will be launched across television, digital, radio, press and other mediums. Composed by Mikey McCleary, the jingle is created to increase awareness about these air coolers meant for large spaces, promoting its application areas through its catchy lyrics that will stick in the listener’s memory and enhance brand engagement.

Symphony Movicool Air Coolers are designed for high-performance cooling. With a rugged, weather-resistant body and easy portability, these air coolers are suitable for commercial and industrial use such as outdoor wedding or events, workshops, restaurants, resorts, cafes, gyms, places of worship, workshops, schools and so on. These coolers are also suitable for large residential villas and open garden to maintain a steady, favorable temperature in larger spaces. Its unmatched performance comes with a promise of low power consumption which is about 7-10% of air conditioning.

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