Tata Power launches electric vehicle charging facility

Tata Power launches electric vehicle charging facility
22/08/2017 , by , in ALLIED

Tata Power today said it has installed its first electric vehicle charging facility at Vikhroli in Mumbai.

The company said in a statement that Tata Power’s aim is to build a network to make it easier for people to adopt to electric vehicles and be future ready. Such an adoption of smart charging infrastructure will help the country achieve its ambitious plan of mass scale shift to electric vehicles by 2030, it said. Tata Power has taken this initiative of providing charging stations at Tata Power Receiving Station, along with Mass – Tech Controls.

“We are proud and happy with the launch of electrical vehicle charging stations as Tata Power continues to set a high standard in adopting sustainable practices by using innovative technology, providing customers access to energy-efficient processes. We are moving towards clean power for all and it is our endeavor to provide best of the solutions for our country to achieve a greener tomorrow” said Anil Sardana, CEO & MD, Tata Power.

These chargers would facilitate electric car users to charge their cars at any time safely and conveniently. The chargers can also monitor the car battery charging status and units consumed while charging a car. The company also informed that it plans to set up charging stations at various locations in Mumbai and is already in discussions with various stakeholders.

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