Tata Steel to hire more women

Tata Steel to hire more women
18/10/2017 , by , in ALLIED

Tata Steel has set a target of having 20% female workforce by 2020. The company wants to bring in the gender diversity to ensure having different mindsets to deal with challenges.

The company has a workforce of 74000 employees, 11% of which are females. Tata Steel chief group HR, Atrayee S Sanyal has disclosed the company’s plan of employing a large number of women in the coming years. Tata Steel believes that when can perform any role with equal competence as of a man.

All the fortune 500 companies have recognized the need of having gender diversity. It not only helps in creating a balanced company culture but also, helps in having different mindsets working on a same problem together. Atrayee S Sanyal said, “we are definitely planning to employ a large number of women in the coming years. Tata Steel, as an equal opportunity employer, believes that women can perform any role with equal competence as that of a man.”

The company does not restrict in defining certain roles or levels based on gender. The diversity plan by Tata Steel is targeted across the organization for all the roles and levels. The top executive also cited the problem of finding the female talent in manufacturing, mining and engineering. However Sanyal believes that the talent supply is gradually improving. She believes that engineers institutes need to have more women to fix the gap between supply and demand.

Tata Steel has recently announced the policy to fill the gap of female employees going on a maternity and child care  leave. The company is hiring more experienced female professionals on project basis for short-term engagement. Having a good replacement resource helps the company and also becomes a platform for women looking to resume their careers.

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