Tech Launched to Automate 80% of Building Processes

Tech Launched to Automate 80% of Building Processes
08/08/2020 , by , in INTERNATIONAL

Mighty Buildings, a startup providing automated solutions for modern home building says it uses a combination of 3D printing and prefabrication techniques to create a production-as-a-service platform that will “automate up to 80 percent of the building process”.

Mighty Buildings says it has a unique approach that is both project- and design-agnostic, and can create “everything from small complex components to panels to full-size volumetric modules”.

By being able to 3D-print more of the building structure, Mighty Buildings says it can build homes with 95 percent fewer labour hours at double the speed of conventional construction, with 10 times less waste.

Mighty Buildings is certified under California’s Factory Built Housing program to create units utilizing 3D printing, and was the first company to achieve certification under the UL 3401 standard for evaluating 3D-printed building structures and assemblies.

While the average traditional stick-built home in California costs $327 per square foot, Mighty Buildings says its homes cost up to 45 percent less than comparable homes, adding that its automated production costs are 20 to 30 percent lower than traditional prefab methods.

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