Technologically Sound Device

Technologically Sound Device
Jan 2017 , by , in Products

Johnson Controls has launched Metasys® 8.0building automation system (BAS) that is optimized for any mobile device. It offers new system configurations, programming capabilities and additional Information Technology (IT) features to increase productivity, reduce energy costs and enhance security. The system is flexible and scalable for facilities of any size and complexity. It enables integration to a wide variety of mechanical and electrical systems and allows for a progressive replacement of existing field controllers that are becoming obsolete.Its key enhancements include:

  • Intuitive graphics optimized for multiple mobile devices
  • Alarm management enabling alarm prioritization
  • Improved scheduling and customized trend viewing
  • New reporting features for easy access to trends, alarms, audits and scheduling data
  • Space authorization allowing users to access the system and see only the data they need
  • Added IT security with secure password management and dormant user account reporting

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