Technology facilitating smooth running of business

Technology facilitating smooth running of business
Apr 2020 , by , in Realty+ Connect
Going by the rise in Covid positive cases, the industry had foreseen the extension especially with the financial capital Mumbai leading the country in the rise of disease. It is definitely a setback for the real estate industry as site visits has become impossible even as we get more enquiries from Developer community and Broker community alike. As a Prop-Tech company, we are Tech-enabled and much of our business is running smoothly subject to inconvenience of working from home and work where in-person meeting and collaboration is necessary.
Overall I see the extension as positive Development that Government is making its intention clear to go all out to tackle the menace rather than lifting lockdown and risking a second round of longer lockdown. We expect Government to take aggressive measures in this additional time and tackle it once and for all so that economy can be brought back on track and kicking again.
We are making Conference calls and tracking our work while a thrust on digitalization has reached advanced stages so that SAI as a brand is stronger in the digital space as user base rises significantly across all online platforms. The IAMSAI network which we are expanding for wider reach will be the biggest 360 degree network in the real estate industry which won’t be affected by pandemic or earthquake. We are undertaking a series of transformation measures the results of which we expect to see immediately post lifting of lockdown. We see this lockdown as a period of introspection and shift of strategy for the next level of growth which we are chasing. We are confident of making up the economic impact of the 1 month lockdown in the next 11 months of FY 2020-21. The start of financial year has been rocky no doubt but we are in for the long haul.

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