Technology to get RERA ready

Technology to get RERA ready
Jun 2017 , by , in Technology

To reduce the complexities and costs of construction the realty sector Designsense, a technology startup has introduced a cloud-based AEC collaboration system, Ayoga. Nainar Ramaswamy, Managing Director, Designsense gives detailed information about the software

Is construction sector a late adopter of technology?

Construction industry not only in India but globally has been a late adopter of technology, but penetration of mobile devices and IoT is changing the technology landscape. Today, a 3D model of a building can accessed and rendered on a mobile device enabling site engineers to work digitally. Likewise, quality checks can be done and recorded electronically through the mobile devices. With gradual technology adoption, the spent on technology is going to increase manifolds which is good news for technology companies in this sector. Worldwide, investments in these technology companies grew five times which is significant.

The software solution offered and its applications


Ayoga is a cloud based collaboration platform that organizes projects to provide the right information at the right time to strategize better, deliver project milestones and help take well informed business decisions.

The software enables reliable planning of projects, streamlines planned and unplanned work, centralizes project communication, creates accountability and integrates all factors that impact project progress. It connects Stakeholders, Resources, Designs, Location data, Drawings, Documents and Field data for global collaboration on Web, Mobile or any desirable device or platform. Ayoga accelerates seamless flow of information, eliminates project roadblocks, and logically collates essential project information for organizations to formulate effective, value enhancing, project excellence techniques. While, the multiple dashboards available to customers, project managers and business owners provide transparency among all the participants, Ayoga RFI, Workflows, and Checklists bring in accountability in the processes.

How Ayoga can enable developers processes RERA ready & compliant? 

Ayoga simplifies project management by driving a lean, project-centric approach. It enables the real-estate companies to be RERA ready in bottoms up way. The cloud based Pull Planner facilitates reliable scheduling and monitoring of projects that can be shared between stake holders including customers. Approved plans and documents can be shared among stakeholders through Ayoga Document Management System and software RFI feature can be used by developers to create expedite the flow of information across stakeholders for quick decision making and accountability. With target based planner, developers can track budget spent on a project real time for RERA compliances as well as to improve operational efficiency thereby, saving time and money.

RERA compliance is a continuous process and technology is an enabler to that process. Real-estate developers are willing to embrace technology rather than being afraid of it.

The challenges and growth potential as a technology startup in construction sector

Designsense is a three years old, Bengaluru based, technology startup that broadly caters to Product Engineering, Product Management and Customer Engagement. Market reach has been the primary challenge being a startup, given the shoe string marketing budget. The second challenge is the amount of handholding required by a client for successful adoption of a technological product. Sometimes we end up educating our customers on drawing meaningful project plans and mapping Ayoga to their processes, especially with small sized construction companies.

The construction industry spends a little less than 1% in technology which is one of the lowest, but this is changing rapidly with advancement of mobile devices and IoT. The company has tied up with Microsoft for cloud services. It is part of Brigade Real Estate Accelerator program and Open Design Alliance, a consortium for the exchange of industry-standard format engineering drawings and data through online devices.

Case Study – Praneeth Group

Hyderabad  based Praneeth Group was formed in 2007 by a first-generation entrepreneur venturing into real-estate. They have built and handed over a million square feet with another 1.5 million in progress. The company has rigorous processes to manage their activities right from discovery to final handing over of property. This needs building a strong CRM team for streamlining project control and quality checks. The outline of how these processes were initially managed is as follows:

Project Monitoring

  • Task Register for each Villa
  • Progress updates through Data Sheets


Quality Control Process

  • Paper based records
  • Manual verification by different stakeholders


Customer Engagement Process

  • Registers to handle customization requests
  • Elaborate file based hand over process


Ayoga Difference

Praneeth deployed Ayoga to strengthen their core processes with Digitization and Collaboration. This helped enhance efficiency, along with creating transparency and accountability, the mandates of RERA.

Project Planning

  • Project Plan in Ayoga Pull Planner
  • Daily progress update through mobile
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Real time progress updates


Quality Control Process

  • Flexibility to define templates
  • Association with project tasks or RFI’s
  • Digital record of quality & validation parameters


Customer Engagement Process

  • Change Requests managed as RFI’s
  • Drawings, sale deeds & Project documents in DMS
  • Processes managed through Workflows


Handover Process of Villas to Customers involves 11 different stakeholders – Engineering, Accounts, Legal, Customers, etc.


Initial Process

  • Manual &File Based
  • Physical tracking of files

Time taken: 45 Days


Ayoga Difference

  • Design changes tracked through Ayoga RFI, including extra costing
  • Digital Workflows to connect all stake holders
  • Mobile Integration

Time taken: 31 Days


With a technological shift in Praneeth’s business processes, the group has seen a significant improvement in response time to customer requests, simplified cost tracking for change management and monitoring of quality parameters through digitization.


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