The evolution of Real Estate industry depends on customer satisfaction

The evolution of Real Estate industry depends on customer satisfaction
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Nowadays, there are so many types of evolution being talked about and observed including:

  1. Huge Global capital inflows into Indian real-estate
  2. Developers and builders revamping their business model
  3. New legal acts like RERA and Benami Property Act that will completely change the India real-estate industry
  4. GST’s impact on developers in running their business
  5. Demonetization which shook up earlier ways of working and established new ones

But, The question remains the same, that is, how to keep customers satisfied?

Why is it so complex and difficult to keep customers satisfied?

the time of buying a House or any property is a very different experience, Keeping a customer satisfied and sorting out the customers complaints should be the top most priority of Real Estate Companies. Still, there are only a few companies those are able to keep their customers happy and pleased.

The progression which starts from booking cover up a mixture of zones and then ends at possession. This timeline goes through various phases of ups and down. The running staff has a major role in deciding this journey of the home buyer. There arefew things which are beyond one’s control but Developer’swords of assistance and assurance can help customers enjoy this journey peacefully.

We at take complaints and reviews as opportunities for ourselves to see what our customers are talking about and what corrective actions are required to keep them satisfied.

Although the nature of complaints in real estate is sometimes complex and beyond the control of a developer, including developments that are  the purview of the local authorities like roads, street lighting, sewerage etc. We have found most complaints to be opportunities to improve further and learn. However, there are many instances when the issues are such that there isno action orrectification possible but where, a patient hearing and  responsible reply is the basic thing that can bedone to find out win-win situations

The home buyer is confused bya lot of thoughts, their decision is based on various parameters, and they are confused about the success ratio of his hard earned investment, Hence the environment / this unorganised industry should be such that it should satisfy the customer in multiple ways.

On an individual level, how does a home buyer or seller decide?

Social Influence:Word-of Mouth is most common factor of social influence, this indicates that the individual seeks out others who have some level of experience in buying or selling and with whom they already have a relationship. It is always seen that a satisfied customer, spreads positive messages to others.

Market Influence:The market influence is again a very important factor for any individual as It spreads mass messages among focused groups hence creating a bigger picture in next step, the bigger picture decides and market price of the property as a whole.

Reputation:The reputation of the builder, developer and agent is very much important in convincing the prospect buyer/seller. Though building reputation is long term task, hence the builder, developer and agent should focus on it at every step of their business activities.

There are some most important factors that impact consumers and are major part of reputation building:

  1. Comfort: While the individual is looking for any real-estate product they should be comfortable, as it is already a tedious search for a perfect real-estate of one’s own desire, hence the dealer, developer and agent should focus on making the journey comfortable.
  2. Honesty: Thedealer, developer and agent should respect the customer’s wish, and accordingly must give straightforward assistance. Nothing should be in the darks that could lead to misguidance for the prospective individual.
  3. Experience: The agent should have the breadth and depth of experience to understand the need of the buyer and adapt to any situation to deal with the same
  4. Establishment: The longevity of the builder, developer and agents brand ought to be such that the buyer/seller should trust them at initial stage.
  5. Knowledge: The buyer/seller should expect that, if buying, they should be informed about the l amenities, nearby, schools, crime rates, taxes, and have other insider and economical knowledge as needed. The agent should not only know marketing, but also staging, presentation, and technology in a way to effectively justify the commission or profit.


We at ensure these and have a robust mechanism to handle all the queries of our valuable clients. We expect to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Our Objectivet is to establish strong customer satisfaction by providing homes as per the customer preference.

Authored by Mr. Rajan Dang, Founder, Zvesta – an online platform for Buying, selling and renting properties at PAN India.



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