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10/12/2020 , by , in EXPERT ZONE

Firework India @FireworkIndia

#HumanRights are the foundation of a progressive and evolved society. So let’s ensure they’re safeguarded, for each and every one of us! #HumanRightsDay #HumanRightsDay2020


WooBamboo @woobamboo

The concept of #green architecture is to create buildings today (that will continue to have a minimal #environmental impact) for the generations of tomorrow. All buildings are now expected to meet #sustainable standards, such as LEED titles, photovoltaic cells & green roofs 


CommercialRE @TheCommercialRE

Available Toronto office space has quadrupled in 2020 as work-from-home continues


India Investment Grid @IIG_GoI

#GrowWithIndia Tamil Nadu, which ranks 9th globally in terms of renewable power output, is ushering in #NewIndia‘s green energy revolution! 


S Sundar Raman @ssundarraman

FDI equity inflows into India cross $500 billion milestone. The key sectors which attracted the maximum of these inflows include services segment, computer software and hardware, telecommunications, trading, construction development, automobile, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.


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