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The Trending Tweets
13/01/2021 , by , in EXPERT ZONE

Suresh Prabhu @sureshpprabhu

Tributes to #SwamiVivekananda Ji on his #BirthAnniversary who as a great leader & social reformer, changed the perspective of youth, made them aware about their abilities to change the society by travelling all over. We must live those ideals by celebrating #NationalYouthDay Pranaam!

Smart Pune @SmartPune

Urban planning measures to be implemented along with the impact on Urban Mobility. #SmartCity #UrbanPlanning

XRP 334 @xrp334

Saudi Arabia’s central bank signs blockchain deal with Ripple #blockchain #fintech

Piyush Goyal @PiyushGoyal

Delhi-Varanasi Bullet Train Corridor Begins; Laser Technology Being Employed To Speed Up Process

Durga Shanker Mishra @Secretary_MoHUA

1,152 houses are being constructed under the Light House Project in Chennai using the Precast Concrete Construction System. In this, building components like slabs, walls, beams, etc are manufactured in a factory & then transported & assembled on site. #construction #Chennai

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