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27/02/2021 , by , in EXPERT ZONE
Housing For All @PMAYUrban
In #TamilNadu, 4144 houses would be inaugurated under the AHP project. #TransformingIndia
Nitin Gadkari @nitin_gadkari
उत्तराखंड के लिए आज दिल्ली-देहरादून के नये इकोनॉमिक कॉरिडॉर की घोषणा की। 210 किमी कुल लंबाई के 6-लेन के इस परियोजना की कुल लागत 12,300 करोड़ है। अगस्त 2021 तक यह परियोजना अवार्ड हो जाएगा और 2023 तक पूर्ण होगा।
Housing & Land Rights Network @HLRN_India
In early 2020, we found that the number of people living under the threat of eviction/displacement in India had increased to ~15 million.
#Right2Housing #EndForcedEvictions
#RealtyHyd1 @RealtyHyd1
Infosys to #invest Rs 2500 crore in expanding Pocharam #Hyderabad facility, to add 20,000 jobs
Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy @AEEE_India
#Delhi govt to replace all of its petrol, diesel and CNG vehicles with electric ones within 6 months. A highly crucial step towards addressing poor air quality in the state.

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