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The Trending Tweets
12/10/2020 , by , in EXPERT ZONE


#Powercut | There is a grid failure due to that supply coming from TATA power to BEST is stopped, so we can’t distribute power to our 10 lakh consumers. I regret personally, as soon as the grid is restored, supply will be restored: BEST PRO Manoj Warade


Adani, BEST, MSEDCL, Tata may want to tap into the immensely talented pool of electricity distribution experts which confidently knew about the “9 baje 9 minutes” grid collapse earlier this year.


#Udhavthackeray deserves kudos for courage & firmness in reversing #Maharashtra decision on arey forest. Inter generational equity & long term ecological planning demonstrates the vital necessity of green lungs in a city, esp one as crowded & bereft of open spaces as #mumbai.


India knows for a fact now, what BJP promises is never what they deliver. So was the case with farmers’ welfare, so was the case with youth empowerment, & so is the case with women safety.

‘Beti Bachao’ has proved to be a warning to India.


India has joined the intelligence alliance Five Eyes and Japan in demanding access to end-to-end encrypted chats from tech companies



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