The Use of Trezi Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic

The Use of Trezi Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic
15/04/2020 , by , in EXPERT ZONE

Authored by Gautam Tewari, Co-Creator of Trezi

Despite being one of the fastest growing sectors of investment worldwide – and the crucial nature of the work it produces – the building industry still relies largely on conventional methodologies, inefficient workflows, and regrettably outdated modes of communication and coordination. This lag in adoption of key technological interventions to facilitate communication and collaboration has caused operations within the industry to come to a grinding halt with the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic.

While the actual act of building is mandatorily a physical exercise, so many ancillary operations can very easily be conducted remotely – such as frequent travelling to conduct site visits and in-person meetings, on-site prototyping, physical co-location of teams to brainstorm ideas and design in tandem, and even client reviews and approvals. Launched in 2018, Trezi (India’s first fully immersive VR product for the building industry) harnesses the power of Immersive Tech to  enable users to review, modify and experience design with their clients and colleagues in real-time, and at full scale and color – regardless of the users’ physical location. However, what was once viewed by the earliest adopters of Trezi as a comfortable add-on to one’s design process, is quickly becoming a crucial addition to an architect’s toolkit – from a ‘good-to-have’, to a ‘must-have’. As extended lockdowns are imposed in various forms across the world, working from home has become our only viable option to conduct business as usual – which has boosted the adoption of VR Platforms (Trezi being one of them) to facilitate Remote Working, seamless Communication, and Virtual Collaboration between all project stakeholders.

In a sector as mammoth as the building industry – which comprises a wide variety of skill sets and technical bandwidths – relying on consistent interpretation of all project data across the board is a shot in the dark. Typically, only about 30% of the projects are completed on time or on cost, putting 10% of the project value at risk. At a time when the threat of a major economic downturn looms large, even this marginal loss cannot be borne. By utilizing the best of what Immersive Tech (and by extension, Trezi) has to offer, we stand to gain greater business impact and profitability through reduced costs and errors as well as faster and better decision-making – in these difficult times, and beyond.

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