This Father’s Day, Realty+ finds out what industry leaders have to say about their real-life superheroes

This Father’s Day, Realty+ finds out what industry leaders have to say about their real-life superheroes
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Sunday, June 16th this year celebrates all the fathers out there and we wanted to pay them tribute as well. Dads surely have the ability to impact the lives of their children in a way completely unique from any other relationship.  They model to sons what a man should be, they exemplify for daughters what a husband could be and they personify for many of us the image of strength, stability and dedication.

This Father’s Day Realty+ asked real estate professionals to share what their fathers meant to them and what an impact they had upon their lives.

Amit Wadhwani, Co-Founder, Sai Estate Consultants Chembur Private Limited shares, “One quality of my father that really amazes me is that he does not have any demands. He has never wanted anything for himself, and has done everything solely for his family. I don’t think I’ve ever met another man who is as selfless as him. In my professional journey of 15 years, he has witnessed the ups and downs of my business, but even during the toughest times, he has remained unaffected by the repercussions, and hearsay. Instead, I always find him checking on my health and well-being. It might sound elementary, but this shows that he is aware of what really matters in the long run, and prioritises the same. Even now, his ability to stay calm in unnerving situations is what gives me clarity when everything else is clouding my judgment. Although, I cannot vouch for the same qualities in myself, I can definitely say that observing him constantly reminds me to remain grounded and humble, no matter how high I really soar.”

SaurabhVohara, industry expert expresses, “Don’t be afraid to give up the good for the great’ — a known and insightful statement that I was familiarized with by my father, even before I knew about John Rockefeller, the great man who said it. For me, my father has always been the epitome of inspiration, as he has consistently practiced whatever he preaches. He instilled in me, the passion to drive people for the greater good, and doing so by taking more responsibility. Employees mirror their bosses the same way that a child follows the footsteps of his/her parents, which is something my father has believed in too. Therefore, putting everything I learned from him into practice is helping me attain new heights of professional and personal success, each day. His entire life’s journey is like a guide to me, from which I can seek valuable insights and lessons. Every moment spent with him motivates to be a better person, and drives my professional growth too.”

Samyak Jain, Director, Siddha Group, “It is believed that there is an inspiration behind each and every successful person and for me, it was my father CP Jain (Group Chairman, Siddha Group). He founded Siddha Group with the vision ahead of time and a dream to be a legacy that spans generations. This inspired me and made me take my decision of stepping in the business. His dedication towards his work motivated me to head to the Calcutta office directly after college to observe him and other seniors in the company do their job in the organization and learn how the business functions. Today, I am responsible for heading the Mumbai operations which were given to me when we decided to foray in the Mumbai market. I feel blessed to have his values inculcated in me and have matured myself in this industry under his shadow.”

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