thyssenkrupp Elevator TWIN wins Brand of Year Award in INEX Awards 2019

thyssenkrupp Elevator TWIN wins Brand of Year Award in INEX Awards 2019
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At the recently concluded Realty Plus INEX Awards, thyssenkrupp Elevator won the award for Brand of the Year in the Elevators & Escalators category for innovative TWIN elevators. The company also went on to win the CSR Excellence Award at the Realty Plus INEX Awards 2019 hosted at ITC Maratha in Mumbai on 23rd January 2019.

During the event, Mr.RajnishRamu, VP Marketing, thyssenkrupp Elevator (India) gave insight into MULTI and TWIN, thyssenkrupp’s innovative HERO products. This upheld thyssenkrupp’s thought leadership amongst the audience, and further strengthened thyssenkrupp Elevator’s image as an Innovative Global Brand.

With the continuing construction boom in India, buildings are getting taller and owners are placing greater demands on their elevators to provide increasingly faster and efficient passenger transportation capability. In this context, the TWIN elevator system, a unique and revolutionary technology from thyssenkrupp, can save time and space.

TWIN brings a completely new dimension to urban mobility in tall buildings. It has won over architects and developers globally for its innovation and technology by using a smaller elevator core with a more efficient passenger management system, especially for tall buildings.

TWIN-2 Cabs, 1 Shaft, 0 Crowd
Revolutionary engineering, precision driven control system and an exemplary safety concept form the core of the TWIN Elevator System. It is the only elevator system on the market that has two cars moving independently in one shaft and addresses a range of issues that owners, operators and occupants of tall buildings face daily.

This state-of-the-art elevator system has two cabs running independently in the same shaft, each with its own counterweight, safety and drive equipment. Capable of travelling in different speeds and directions, these elevators can accelerate to 7 m/s.

Advantages of TWIN elevator system:

  • Reduces shaft core size
  • Increases net leasable area
  • Serves varying floor-to-floor heights
  • Reduces passengers’ waiting and travel time to a minimum
  • Saves energy and material

Minimum Waiting and Travel Time

Because two cars operate independently in the same shaft. Two cars in the same shaft can make passenger movement to separate floors possible, completely independent of each other, simultaneously. To reduce travel time, TWIN exploits the advantages of a passenger grouping system; thyssenkrupp Elevator’s intelligent destination-selection control (DSC) system minimizes travel time by reducing the number of stops each elevator makes. At the boarding floor, passengers indicate their destination floor on a touch-screen terminal. The computer-assisted system then determines which elevator will arrive fastest and displays it onscreen. In addition to optimizing traffic flow, the DSC system makes elevator group operation more flexible and can be adapted according to occupants’ requirements, including VIP or emergency call overrides for immediate access to an elevator.

Increased Floor Space and Passenger-Handling Capacity

Traditionally, improving the service level of an elevator system means a loss of rentable space due to a larger elevator core. TWIN provides building owners the choice of better traffic-handling capacity without increasing the footprint of the elevator core, or the same handling capacity as a conventional elevator system but with a smaller core. Furthermore, an unexpected design benefit of TWIN is the visual impact its panoramic car option can bring to a building exterior or atrium.

In addition to maximizing passenger-handling capacity for new buildings, TWIN can be retrofitted as a modernization option to increase the traffic-handling capacity of existing elevator shafts by boosting the system’s capacity. With reduced shaft core space and construction costs, the TWIN elevator system offers the most flexible elevator solution with an eco-conscious heart.

Energy Savings

TWIN elevators are powered by energy-efficient gearless machines and equipped with regenerative drives that feed energy produced by the motor during the generative mode back into the building’s power-supply system. TWIN needs 30% less connected electrical loads, which means smaller ratings for transformers and electrical wiring. Furthermore, TWIN has the capability to downsize the building’s emergency diesel generator by 50%. The TWIN system also offers the ability to park and switch off one of the cars when traffic is light, thus saving additional energy that significantly contributes to lower operating costs over the course of the building’s life.

Safety and Reliability

thyssenkrupp Elevator has developed an innovative quadruple-redundancy safety system facilitated by DSC – namely, anti-collision routing, automatic monitoring of minimum safety distances, an emergency stop function and automatic engagement of the safety gear, which all work together to keep the two cabs a safe distance apart at all times. In compliance with the International Electrotechnical Commission’s EN 61508, these last two safety levels are continuously monitored by an independent control system, giving TWIN Safety Integrity Level 3, the highest possible international safety classification. By now, close to 200 TWIN systems have been installed in new and modernized buildings around the world.

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