Together We Stand Strong

Together We Stand Strong
Apr 2020 , by , in Realty+ Connect

“The national lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus, which is indeed the need of the hour, has also stalled activity in the real estate sector and overall decision-making process in office space transactions. Though this global pandemic has caused a never seen before halt and unprecedented challenge to business continuity, we stand strong and continue to take necessary proactive measures in terms of optimizing our costs and ensuring there are no leakages in the system. To provide adequate isolation and ensure a safer work environment, we have implemented a Work from Home (WFH) policy for our employees. Apart from issuing a comprehensive advisory enlisting the symptoms and precautions of Coronavirus, we have also set up a help desk to assist employees for any medical or insurance related queries and challenges faced during COVID-19 outbreak.


Ever since Skootr was founded, our focus has been on building a fundamentally strong and profitable company that can stand a down market situation, and we are glad to have identified the customer segment which is by far the most stable and committed in the current market scenario.


These times are truly sensitive and while a lot of other companies are laying off, we at Skootr, are ensuring that there are neither salary cuts nor any layoffs. Instead, we are actively using this time to engage more with our employees through training & development while we work on a post-lockdown strategy.”-

Puneet Chandra- Co-founder & Director, Skootr

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