Trimble’s technology is helpful in sustainable construction

Trimble’s technology is helpful in sustainable construction
06/03/2019 , by , in News/Views

Trimble provides a huge opportunity to adopt technologies right through the lifecycle of construction and use of buildings that reduce the emission burden on the earth and thus make them more sustainable. Therefore, many companies like L&T, ShapoorjiPaloonji to name a few are relying on environment friendly Trimble Solutions’ flagship product- Tekla Building Information Modeling (BIM) software that enables the creation and management of accurately detailed, highly constructible 3D structural models regardless of material or structural complexity. It enables models of hospitals, airports or roads to be seen and tested before construction begins. The data in such models can also demonstrate how a building might perform or how complex components can be integrated so reducing the risk of errors.

There are three main connections between BIM and sustainable construction

  • Greater transparency during the design phase
  • Greater efficiency during the design and construction phases
  • Greater control during the operations phase

Due to the high level of detail and ease of shareability inherent to the 3D models created using BIM, a wealth of operational data and insight can be passed along to the building owner and manager, improving their ability to run the building at its maximum potential. This benefit of BIM dovetails perfectly with the sustainable construction philosophy, which extends beyond design and construction, and into the long-term maintenance and use of the completed structure.

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