Two-way Communication is Key

Two-way Communication is Key
May 2020 , by , in Interviews

Realty+ in conversation with  Tapasi Chakraborty, Chief Executive Officer- ASTUTE OUTSOURCING SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED


How is the industry coping with the lockdown and what measures have you’ll undertake to ease the impact?

As we can see, all business sectors get affected resulting in low revenue generation due to an eventual halt on the sale of products and/or services. It is expected that India’s growth rate in FY20-21 will be down to 2% or even lesser than this.

So, it’s a big challenge in front of most of the businesses to keep their financial wheels turning during the lockdown.

During the lockdown we taking some measures to ease the impact of lockdown, some of the measures are:-

  1. Regular discussion with the stakeholders: – we are in regular touch with our Shareholders, employees, customers etc. and as a result, we are motivated enough to face the challenges caused by Covid-19.
  2. Looking for New Business Opportunities: – We used this period as opportunity rather than a challenge and as a result we started a new business vertical of Sanitization and disinfection services.
  3. Keep Engaged our Team during the lockdown: – We provide Work from home facilities to our staff on certain projects due to this we are able to engage our staff along with revenue generation for the company.


What are the response strategies your company has taken for clients?

As a Response strategy, we are looking to expand our business verticals for our existing as well as prospective clients.

We are in regular communication with our customers to let them know what is going in our business at the same time to understand what modification in the services provided by us needed by our customers. So, basically we focused on two-way communication with our clients to identity their requirements.


What positive outcome can the industry expect?

As we all know corona has hit all kinds of industries so badly even then if we look at the future, we can expect some positive outcome in the future such as :-

  1. Opportunity for the small businesses: – After the relief package announced by the Hon’ble Finance Minister, we can see huge boom in the small sector businesses. The post-COVID-19 scenario for India does not look as grim as most people deem it to be according to leading economists of the country. Combined with a stimulus package of $100-120 billion, it will restore the purchasing power to the populace sooner than earlier deemed during the onset of the COVID-19 crises.
  2. Extensive use of Digital Platform in businesses: – During the lockdown the use of digital platform increase immensely .It will improve efficiency in the industry when we start switching from manual to automation. the technologies like artificial intelligence would change the process of businesses completely .
  3. Healthy environment, healthy businesses: – The Covid-19 taught us about the responsibility towards the environment too, we can expect such environment friendly measures from the businesses in future too.
  4. Increased Personal Hygiene Habit: – As a preventive measure from Covid 19 , we need to adopt the habit of personal hygiene in the business premises too,  proper sanitization, disinfection provide safety to our main assets/ Stakeholders of business i.e  our employees.  


What will be the biggest drivers of growth for the Indian industry and IFM industry over the next decade?

I think in the upcoming time the main drivers for the growth of industry would be:-

  1. Cost of Capital – If the businesses have funds to expand/start their businesses at a lower rate of cost of capital/ interest rate , it can then significantly help the economy to grow.
  2. Labour: – In the upcoming time, It would be great opportunity for India to become the hub of businesses for the same quality labour is required. I think , it’s the right time to us to train our labour with the equipped technology.
  3. Infrastructure: – For any Economy, Infrastructure is a essential to provide a pace to the economy. I think in we should look at the medical infrastructure in the near future.

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