UK residential mortgages unlikely to be affected

UK residential mortgages unlikely to be affected
27/06/2016 , by , in INTERNATIONAL

Home mortgages in the UK are unlikely to be affected immediately by the decision to leave the European Union, according to finance commentators.

However, it could be good news for first time buyers if price growth slows and interest rates fall with some experts predicting that the Bank of England might reduce rates even further than the current historic 0.5%.

In the short term, people’s attention will be on interest rates and what impact this will have on mortgage costs, according to the Council of Mortgage Lenders. ‘While markets are bound to react to the news, the question will be how long it takes for them to settle. We know the authorities will be mindful of this,’ said the CML spokesman.

In the medium term, there will also be interest in the extent to which housing transactions are affected by economic uncertainty, and whether this will impact on house prices. The more quickly markets resettle, the lower the impact on the housing market is likely to be. However, any prolonged disturbance would inevitably impact the housing market.

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