Ultra Clean House Can Induce Leukaemia in Children

Ultra Clean House Can Induce Leukaemia in Children
24/05/2018 , by , in INTERNATIONAL

A Britain’s leading leukaemia expert’s study claims that keeping children cocooned in ultra-clean homes away from bugs and germs can trigger leukaemia in children. If Children are not exposed to enough bugs to prime their immune system at an early age then it can weaken the child’s immunity.

Without sufficient immunity, if the youngsters catch even a relatively harmless virus like flu, the immune system malfunctions creating far more infection-fighting white blood cells than needed, which ultimately causes leukaemia.

Simple steps such as allowing children to play and get involved with germ-laden youngsters, sending them to day school, breastfeeding, outdoor play and not overly cleaning the house could all help boost immunity, the study suggests.

Even if a child gets leukaemia, the parents should not worry and visit a physician as childhood leukaemia are much likely to be preventable and not very serious.

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