Unconventionally Modular Style

Unconventionally Modular Style
May 2019 , by , in Realty Spotlight

Perched Above the skyline in Worli,  private enquiry firm’s penthouse-esq office is located in one of the fanciest and upscale buildings in South Mumbai, Ceejay House. As soon as space was made available, The design team from Mihir Thaker and Associates worked up a beautiful and transformative design.

The language for the furniture proposed was distinctively bold and minimal. Beyond decorative decisions, getting hands-on with BUROSYS helped see how the various elements of the furniture could be pieced together and perform in various settings. They have used aluminium legs, Super Matte Laminates powered by a strong BUROSYS signature understructure that is Truly Modular.

Mihir Thaker expresses,

“Burosys has the intrinsic value to translate the Design intent and client DNA into Aesthetic and functional furniture offering. It takes generations of DNA to become super specialists at what they do”, Mihir Thaker, Associates.”

Project Name: Tricor Global
Furniture: Burosys
Designer: Mihir Thaker
Project location: Mumbai
USP of the project: Unconventionally Modular Furniture used, with Aluminum Chrome legs, Italian Laminates which are ultra smooth
Different technology used in this project: Super matte Panels were used on the table top. Super matte panels are extremely soft to touch. Putting this together with a modular framework which is flexible to use and also looks elegant. 
System used: Lenxington were used with super matte laminates
Time to complete the project: 25 days
Area: 6,000 sq ft

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