Urbania Summer Fest 2019 witness huge response

Urbania Summer Fest 2019 witness huge response
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The Urbania Summer Fest brought with it a breath of excitement and enjoyment for loads of children who attended and participated in the various activities, classes, and workshops.

The summer fun got even more better as over 550 children actively got involved in more than 20 myriad activities designed not only to make their bodies, but their minds agile as well. From Sports to Art, Sketches to Calligraphy, Theatre to Drama, Science to Theatrical Shows, Dancing to Singing and most importantly Fitness session like Zumba, Karate and Yoga there was everything to ensure that every single moment was used constructively and that the children were learning while enjoying themselves. In fact, Leon’s World Centre for Holistic Learning and Development believes strongly that children learn best when it doesn’t feel like learning at all which is why all the workshops and events are designed to stimulate their minds but at the same time ensure that the fun element remains intact.

The summer camp also had special activities for children on weekends to participate in interesting classes like learning Bollywood and Western vocals, Lego Robotics, Mug Painting, and Dining Etiquette. In a matter of 30 days RustomjeeUrbania’s Leon’s World collaborated with some of the best and most experienced providers to host activities, not for kids but some for parents as well.

Few parents who attended the Dance & Prance classes said, “We had enrolled our kids for all the workshops but there was something different about dance & prance classes. We saw the hidden talent of kids coming out and the activity kept them busy. Leon’s World and RustomjeeUrbania have done a great job. We have also requested them for regular such classes and we look forward to many such summer camps by them”

Of course, parents and their children need not wait for the next summer vacation, because the funnever sets at Leon’s World Centre. There will continue to be plays, classes, and workshops through the year to keep the kids physically active and mentally alert.

Percy Chowdhry, Director, Rustomjee Group said, “Leon’s World Centre for Holistic Learning and Development is one of the many initiatives that Rustomjee has taken to ensure that ‘Childhood’s Available’ for the children who reside in the township of RustomjeeUrbania. The Urbania Summer Fest at RustomjeeUrbania has become an annual feature in the township and it only gets better every year.”

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