Walls transformed into interactive touchpads through paints

Walls transformed into interactive touchpads through paints
23/05/2018 , by , in ALLIED

Researchers can create walls that sense human touch, and detect things like gestures with an application of conductive paint and some electronics’ use.

Using simple tools and techniques, such as a paint roller and brush, the researchers found that they could transform plain walls into smart walls at a minimum cost of about $20 per square meter.

These new capabilities might enable users to place or move light switches or other controls anywhere on a wall that’s most convenient, or to control videogames by using just the gestures. This system can adjust light levels when a TV is turned on and also have the capability to alert a user in another location when a laundry machine or electric washing machine turns off.

Yang Zhang, a PhD student in the HCII, will present the research papers on this sensing approach, called Wall++, at CHI 2018, the Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems.Additional researchers contributing to the work are from Carnegie Mellon University and Disney Research.

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