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The latest waterproofing solutions and innovations are a boon for the growing domestic construction industry and the booming industrial sector, together seen as the major driving forces behind the buoyant demand for high performance waterproofing products.


The construction industry is the second largest industry in India and will remain buoyant due
to government emphasis on infrastructure and consistent demand for housing. There has been
a noteworthy increment in the budget for Smart Cities Mission, metro rail ventures and AMRUT which can beyond any doubt lead to exponential growth of waterproofing sector. Furthermore, development of niche applications of waterproofing chemicals including bitumen bonding, expansion joints, and subsoil waterproofing is likely to positively influence the market growth. The general observation of the market showcases that India is advancing quickly in each industry division.

With fast headways taking put in each circle, exponential development is anticipated in India’s chemicals market. Ajay Durrani, Managing Director, Covestro India expressed, “Waterproofing chemicals accounts for only approx. 5% of entire project cost, whereas these are the most important component for protecting the structural integrity of the buildings. Cement based structures encounter gigantic damping and erosion due to frequent climatic change, subsequently diminishing the rack life of private and commercial buildings. This makes waterproofing chemicals a dire need, because it gives longer life to the
structure and lowers the maintenance cost of buildings.”

“Waterproofing is currently a 500 -1000 crore market and is growing at the rate of 15-20% per year.
Construction industry is definitely going to flourish and if this industry does well, waterproofing industry will also see greater market expansion. At Fosroc, we expect 10-15% growth next year,” stated BS Nagaraj, Senior Manager, Waterproofing, Sealants and Anchoring Systems – Fosroc
Chemicals India Pvt. Ltd.

Today, builders and the architects are paying greater attention to waterproofing for wet areas, toilets, kitchen and balcony. As awareness is spreading, waterproofing is now, no more limited to only roof and basement. “We do a lot of awareness and training in different sectors. Our technical team and engineers go to the developers, understand the structure and issues and provide the best waterproofing solutions which are most suitable. Dr. Fixit has a range of products for different areas of application – water tank, wall, slab, foundation, and terrace – there are different systems which are required.” Sanjay Bahadur, Global CEO, Construction Chemicals – Pidilite Industries Ltd.

“We are connected Industry value chain players such as paint manufacturer, architects, builders & applicators to spread the knowledge on PU technology & latest technological advancements in waterproofing sector. We emphasize on various forums about – Right selection & understanding of waterproofing solution ensures lowest life cycle cost not just warranty period”. He added, “We
also provide hands-on experience to the industry stakeholders by providing processing & application related training at our SMDC Lab based in Airoli, Navi Mumbai.” Ajay Durrani.

“We regularly with engage with architects, engineers, consultants and contractors organize technical
presentations, seminars on waterproofing systems available. We highlight the consequences and
complications of waterproofing.” BS Nagaraj.

“Construction Chemical market is Sunrise Industry in India. However, it has huge potential in all the sectors of CC industry including Waterproofing segment as demand and awareness is increasing rapidly. It is important to appreciate that in a country like India with its seasonal heavy rainfall, efficient waterproofing of structures should receive the utmost attention right at the time of construction itself.” Arunabha Dey.

The latest research report suggests that the companies capitalizing on concrete admixtures will have a positive development direction as this specific item is anticipated to hold a advertise esteem of over US$ 1,200 Mn by the conclusion of 2025. In any case, in terms of development rate, waterproofing chemicals leads the market and is anticipated to enroll the next CAGR of 14.4% during the forecast period.


An evolution is taking place in the waterproofing industry with the advent of new technologies.
In fact, the prominent companies of the waterproofing chemicals sector are contributing almost
3% of their revenues in R&D.

“Consumer inclination towards durable & longer warranty waterproofing solutions has led to use more
and higher performance material such as Polyurethane & Polyurea technology. Apart from traditional mechanism of waterproofing, crack injection foam has also gained a significant share in the industry, in order to stop & prevent water leakages. There are various high-end polyurethane & Polyurea waterproofing solutions which are directly being imported to India due to lack of technical know-how to
scale-up locally and therefore domestic users have to be dependent on these solutions.” Ajay Durrani, Managing Director, Covestro India.

“Dr Fixit latest waterproofing solution is 2 component polyurethane coatings and Superseal series. We have also expanded the range of polyurethane coatings. The growing adoption of Green Building concept and increasing government regulations pertaining to the use of low VOC materials would further propel the demand for high performance construction chemicals in the coming years.” Sanjay Bahadur, Global CEO, Construction Chemicals –Pidilite Industries Ltd.

“We have brought forth many product improvements, the latest being Zero VOC, environment-friendly
waterproofing. Fosroc Polyurea WH200 system provides an effective solution for podium slab waterproofing. It’s spray-applied, 100% solids, flexible, two-component, rapid curing Polyurea system, designed as a waterproofing and protective coating. It combines the advantages of seamless and fully bonded system with very long-life cycles and high durability.” BS Nagaraj, Senior Manager, Waterproofing, Sealants and Anchoring Systems – Fosroc Chemicals India Pvt. Ltd.

“For waterproofing latest advanced technologies are being used worldwide. India too, adopting latest
innovations over cementitious coatings. Few of technology naming Thermoplastic Membranes like PVC, FPO, Polymeric Membrane like APP/SBS Modified Bitumen membranes, HDPE Membrane & others in preform membrane technology. Also in Liquid Applied system like sprayed Polyurea, Polyurethane, acrylics & bitumen LAM. Waterproofing Market is estimated to be excess of INR 1800 cr. by 2023 with overall anticipation to grow at an impressive CAGR of 12 % during the period FY’2018- FY’2023.” Arunabha Dey, National Manager, Waterproofing & Roofing – Sika India Pvt. Ltd.

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