We are determined in our quest to improve

We are determined in our quest to improve
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Realty+ chats toJosé Branganza, Joint MD, B&F Ventures (P) Ltd.He currently holds the post of Secretary at CREDAI – Goa Chapter. José is a dynamic young entrepreneur, and a highly reputed real estate developer and investor with over 16 years of experience.B&F Group is a multi-faceted Company with its core business being Residential and Commercial Development.

Inception of B&F Realty

We are a second generation companyand have been around for more than a quarter of a century. My dad and my partner’s uncle ran the company for close to 40 years. I was abroad where I finished my education and after working there for a while I returned to Goa. It was then that my father’s partner’s nephew and I paired up and went into business together. We wanted to do something different, something more in a sense. So together we set up B&F Realty. At B&F we have always been working towards building long-term relationships that are based on trust and commitment.

We are predominately present in the residential real estate sector. Our projects are for end users as well as holiday homes for non-residents Indians. We have also worked on a few commercial projects, with overall close to 20 successfully completed projects in Goa.

Goa real estate

We all know that there has been a lull all over the country for the past few years and Goa is no different. However, the entry of RERA has been very fruitful and me being with CREDAI, I have worked closely with the government. In fact, Goa has been the third state in India to implement RERA.

We are happy that RERA is now in force because that way regulated developers that follow rules and laws will continue to remain in business and all the fly by night operators will be eliminated.I feel that the implementation of RERA benefits all stakeholders and makes the market a fair playing ground for all.

In terms of GST rate cut it is again a very good move by the government. We are hoping it will bring the action back to the real estate market. 12% to 5% is a huge deduction. So now it is a huge benefit for the end user.

The real estate industry in Goa is booming, especially for people from outside the state. A number of NRIs and goans with foreign nationalities having OCI are now realizing the opportunities that owning real estate in Goa possesses. Everyone wants a piece of the cake. Goa as well has its own charm, people are warm. Hence there’s lots to offer in terms of investing in property.

Real estate sector 2019

I think post elections real estate industry will improve irrespective of which government is in power. The importance lies in the type of policies that the government undertakes. We need strong and worthwhile policies that install confidence in the consumers. The government needs to uplift the sentiment of the consumers then only will sales increases.

The government should take all the stakeholders like developers, suppliers and others in to consideration when they decide to draft and frame policies. As long as the governing policies are sound and strong there will be a good outcome.

Future plans

We are on the path of expansion in terms of new projects. We are targeting new home buyers as well as second home buyers. Currently we are aiming to complete 6 new projects in the next one year with close to 200-300 units encompassing a total of 2lakhs sqft. So far everything is going smoothly and we are looking positive. However, we have no plans of venturing out of Goa in immediate future.

Today, while we are sought out for our refined design sensibilities, robust structures and timely delivery, we continue to be recognised as the kind of people you want in your life, for life.

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