“We believes in work ethics”

“We believes in work ethics”
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In an exclusive interview with Sanjay Dutt, Managing Director, Cushman & Wakefield India, who has won International Property Consultant of the Year. Mr. Dutt speaks with Realty Plus about the road ahead

What has been your vision for your company?

To build a firm that relentlessly upholds its clients’ interests and delivers superior quality services with highest integrity, in a thoroughly transparent culture.

How was this vision implemented?

How did you overcome the hurdles to make it a success? We focus on our clients’ needs to deliver them the finest solutions, while we timely recognize and reward the entrepreneurial talent at Cushman & Wakefield. This helps us succeed our clients’ expectations and deliver superior quality services – the key to our success.

According to you what are the unique strengths and features of your firm?

We are a globally dominant firm with the best-in-class management. We lead with our team oriented culture, responsible work ethics and expertise in providing end-to-end real estate solutions.

Resultantly, even in the most challenging markets, we have concluded some of the most noteworthy transactions across major cities in India.

How do you drive and motivate your team?

We strive to lead by example and stand shoulder-to- shoulder with teams in all their endeavors. Recognizing our employees’ efforts and justly rewarding them with growth and financial rewards has been the principle that we follow.

How do you feel after winning the Realty Plus Award?

We are indebted to our clients for their faith in our talent and dedication, which have time and again, helped them actualize their business objectives.

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